• modern bedroom suite 201
Modern Bedroom Suite 201



Modern bedroom suite 201 is fully made of wood: both Vera dresser and nightstands and Sara double bed are made of plywood veneered with real wood.
The grains of the elm or oak, in case of a open pore lacquering, make bedroom 201 a comfortable and refined composition which is modern at the same time.
The soft curvatures of the bed and bed groups set the leitmotif of the double bedroom 201: the headboard of Sara bed is curved with a horizontal direction, whereas Vera dresser and nightstands are featured with fronts which are both horizontally and vertically curved. This detail, together with the elm finish, gives to wooden double bedroom 201 an unique elegance.

Modern bedroom suite 201 Elements

- Sara bed
- pair of Vera nightstands
- Vera dresser

Bedroom Finish

- pearl elm
- brown elm
- open pore lacquered oak
You can view all available finishes in detail by clicking on the “View Samples” banner.

Sara Bed Options

Sara bed is available with or without box. In case of models with box it is possible to equip the storage box with a bed base with a double lift-up mechanism, a system which allows the horizontal uplift of the bed base making easier to use the box and make the bed.

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