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Clio Modern Wooden Bed



Clio modern wooden bed with box combines the elegance of the grains of real wood to the usefulness of the storage box. The bed with storage box represents the ideal storage solution for the bedroom. Clio modern wooden bed with box is also available with storage box with bed base with double lift-up mechanism, a system which allows the horizontal uplift of the bed base making easier to make the bed.
The headboard is made of real wood veneered plywood which uses the natural grains of the wood. In case of open pore lacquered oak beds the veneer is made of oak wood, which is then lacquered leaving the wood grains visible.

Bed Measurements

- Standard double bed: cm 175 d.220 (with bed base of cm 160 x 195)
- Maxi double bed: cm 175 d.230 (with bed base of cm 160 x 205)

Headboard height: cm 91.5

Available Finishes

- cherry wood
- canaletto walnut
- dark oak
- Brown elm
- open pore lacquered oak
You can view all available finishes in detail by submitting this bed for a quote.

Storage Box

- without storage box
- with storage box
- with storage box with bed base with double lift-up mechanism

Dynamic Bed Base

It is possible to equip Omra bed with a “dynamic” bed base with paired beech plywood slats of 38 x 8 mm with a high ergonomic profile.
The fixing system is made up of auto fitting junction supports with rigidity adjusters coming in the lumbar area for the proper weight distribution and a real customization of the bed.
The bed base is split in two to allow a different weight distribution on each side of the bed, thus offering a customized comfort. This bed base is available only for beds without storage box.

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